See, for every ignorant, lazy, impolite soul sitting in an aisle seat on public trans, I do the same. I don't care. I make no effort to move when people board or when someone needs a seat. I just pretend to be unaware like everyone else.
See, for every time I strike up a conversation with a stranger, and gotten smug, standoffish, stranger danger paranoid, I'm not talking to you responses, I wear headphones and anyone talking to me, I don't acknowledge their existence.
See, for every person I've said hello to, nodded, or smiled at and received an ugly, blank, arrogant facial expression from, I don't bother anymore.
That's the way goes round. Then again, I feel bad the one time someone will move for me on a bus, although extremely rare. Or the time someone is nice to have a run of the mill conversation when I ignore them. Or the time I'm staring self importantly at someone then they smile at me.
It's all backwards, all kinds of fish and assholes in the sea that I can't pay attention to. Too many to differ from kindness.