I should have let it go. It sure wasn’t my first racist encounter. I was walking down the street in the morning to catch my train when I saw you. You asked me if I can spare some change and I replied “Sorry I do not have cash” But I was stunned with your response, “Go back to your fucking country, bitch!”

I stopped, turn around, and stare at you while you continue cursing at me. I wanted to yell back at you for being so obnoxious. I wanted to tell you that I battled drug abuse and fall into depression because of various issues in my life. I didn’t end up begging anyone a penny, I don’t speak english very well, I work my ass off! I had multiple jobs at once while I was in school and I graduated with two degree. Now I have a steady job, a place to live, a better life, and everything that I have always wanted. Maybe you should be ashamed of your life, you end up there in front of the grocery store and angry at some random people for not helping your life. But I realized everyone has problem, I turn around and continue my way to work.

I hope you are doing well wherever you are, sir.