What I Wanted to Say



I'm sorry this happened to you.

I love how people asking other people for money get so angry when not given money. Nothing you would have said would have mattered. He doesn't care.

I remember being unemployed in Seattle (this was 2002/2003), for months and months and months, going out EVERY SINGLE DAY looking for work, filling out applications, going to the library, etc. and when I got asked for money by some punks sitting on the ground and when I just walked by they screamed at me OH JUST IGNORE US AND PRETEND WE'RE NOT HERE!!!! I remember turning around and telling them my situation and getting nothing but shit from them.

People begging for money are doing so for any number of reasons and they just don't give a shit about anything but whether or not you give them money. Many of them are mentally ill, too, so it's best not to engage with them anyway.

Also, anyone who says anything about someone going back to their country is a dumb as a rock racist with nothing else to say, SAD!


This made me think of another incident, in NYC with a friend of mine who was scraping her existence in the city together who got hassled by some punks in the east village when she wouldn't give them money. She turned around and dressed them down noting their piercings and tattoos and dyed hair and outfits and doc martens cost more than what she made WORKING AT HER JOB in a week and perhaps they should fuck off back to Jersey and their parents' basement.

The best way to help people in need is to give to organizations that have a proven record of helping people and who are set up with the infrastructure and resources to serve the needs of the population(s) they are working to help. Charity Navigator is a great way to find such organizations.


Christina Rae, now you know how us landlords feel when tenants demand a low-priced, permanent entitlement to the property we worked super hard to acquire and continue to work super hard to maintain.


And they're probably paying you half or more of their income to live in it, paying off your mortgage(s). All I expect as a tenant is to not have my rent jacked up 50% in the span of 2 months, then be no-cause evicted 4 months later, and/or have to fight to get my security deposit back after leaving the place spotless and in better shape than when I moved in (all of which has happened to me in the last 5 years or so here in Portland).


Well, you write English very well ;)
These types harass and threaten all of us ... the New Panhandler from New Portland ... I hate to say it but I kinda wish they'd go back on whatever train they rolled in on ....
My point is, please don't take it personally. One of these guys burped in my face and then told me my pussy was "huge as a bowling ball".
I really didn't have any change. Just being honest when he demanded it from me ....


Christina Rae is full of hatred and crap ... I've met many wonderful people who are/have panhandled ... There is no blanket category ... it's rough out there ... Raven judges too ... even as she describes a situation that sounds like she's almost homeless, also!
Just saying, judge people on their own merit/actions ... NOT by their current station in life.
May you be blessed and may you succeed here (whether you're "from here" or not!!)


Man, I misread Raven's comment and can't figure out a way to edit/delete ... comprehension is my friend lol
Sorry about that, really!