My shitty, shitty, shitty office-romance...



Maybe she found out you're married. No one feels sorry for you. I feel sorry for your wife. Also, don't fuck people from work, moron. How do you not know this?


You cheated and you think you're the victim in this story. Unbelievable.


But like, you're still a piece of shit tho...


I bet your dick was too small for her and your cum smells like a rotting opossum corpse. Seems like the only winner here was your wife who got rid of your nasty ass. Hope she gets that pension. Enjoy your crippling loneliness!


Tgtb you don't make any sense. Are you saying I was on the show Punk' d staring Ashton Kutcher, I myself was "punk'd" by an unfaithful spouse hence my reaction or is it an agreement? NOTHING YOU SAY MAKES SENSE!


Ok boo. Happily married. Thanks for the advice. Maybe direct it to your Real Doll? She's a little jealous of your new flashlight.




That's because I've never been in your van before.


Very much so. Been together a decade.


This just in: Cheating POS gets dick teased by a chick at work who's completely out of his league and fucks up his marriage with getting so much as a kiss on the cheek. Proceeds to cry like a whiny bitch.