Yesterday, I saw some WHITE Trump supporter driving his big ol' truck down N. Mississippi with a huge Confederate flag a'wavin from the bed. To think, that this neighborhood was once a predominately African-American neighborhood and this guy felt it appropriate to wave his racist, treasonous flag through it. Imagine if you're African-American and you see this living manifestation of stupidity a'rolling coal down the street with this pro-slavery flag blowing in the breeze. How would that make you feel?

I know the driver didn't have enough brain cells to rub together to consider his actions, as he appeared to be an attention whore like so many privileged white males are. He's part of Trump's base, that 30% percent who love an authoritarian figures as long as they are sufficiently racist enough. By the way, do you all know that the English translation of "Al Qaeda" is "The Base"? Yup.

Also, before any moronic, unthinking and racist commenters start spouting that the Confederate flag is about "state rights" and nothing more, why don't you read the Articles of Confederation? ALL the states listed slavery as their main reason for their TREASONOUS actions.

Before any of you morons start whining about free speech... I'm not saying what this idiot did is illegal because it obviously isn't. What I am saying is that it was distasteful, disrespectful, offensive and fucking STUPID.

Ya'll must be very proud.