Confederacy of Dunces



Pretty sure you mean the Confederate States Constitution. The Articles of Confederation presaged the Constitution. But hey--details!


The IA probably meant The Declaration of Causes of Seceding States which do lists slavery as their reason.


Yeah I love being told to get over it (Trump being POTUS) by people who refuse to acknowledge the Civil War was lost by the south and the Confederate flag and all the statues to Confederate war mongers are symbols of their pathetic delusions and sad refusal to accept reality. White people who believe they are better than other human beings are out of their fucking minds. They are delusional, deranged, dangerous animals, just like the piece of shit in the WH who referred to immigrants as animals yesterday. HE is the animal. His supporters are animals. The greatest day would be a plague that wipes out all the people on earth with white skin (and I'm white, I'd take one for humanity). Racists are the dumbest fucks on the face of the earth and when they parade their hate and stupidity loudly and proudly they are just proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt.


TL;DR trolls exist in real life too


I mean, this person is shitty, but you also have to respect their chutzpah for rolling that shit in a neighborhood where it's likely/hopefully going to get them shot at. Or at least it would have 10 years ago.


Some of my fellow European-Americans see life as a zero-sum game. They see the expansion of equality to other groups than their own (White, male, heterosexual, and/or Christian) as a threat to their equality and privileged status. As if there were a limited supply of rights and justice to go around.

It's comforting to think the average Fox viewer is 70 and they'll all die off soon, but like a genetic defect, this shit gets passed on to new generations constantly. The best we can hope for is to marginalize them and neutralize their power. It helps that we outnumber them by 3-fold, at least.


Lots of assumptions ...
Funny thing is, when you go to places like Alabama or Tennessee, you see black people wearing the stars 'n' bars all the time. I guess it means different things to different people (But as they say down there, you really do "need a history lesson" ... and not Assasin's Creed or Oliver Stone - ACTUAL history. As told by African Americans of the time, even ... you're just wrong and I think you know that and are trolling, but anyway...)
The KKK hijacked the Christian cross and Hitler stole and grossly perverted the swastika ... You gonna slander a Native for having one of those on his flag? Love will win the day, Raven ... war is endless and pointless. Lay down your arms and open up your other arms ;)