It's not that I don't care about your opinion or viewpoint. I do my best to try to understand.
It's just that I'm in no way allowed to believe you are right. You see, I have to keep on living. I have bills and debts to pay which means I must go out in the world and do work with people like you. People who will always be happy when I show up because I get in early, stay late, do the hard jobs, and all with professional courtesy and manufactured charisma. I know enough not to become friends with any of them. They can and have removed me, just like you intend to.
But if I start to believe they're right. If I start thinking I'm the monster you claim I am, what am I left with?
Does that mean I don't have to go out in public anymore? Do I get to stop working and paying bills? Should I pick out a spot under a bridge? Live in the woods like the kid in Hatchet? Kill myself? Would you like it if I killed myself? Mental health is physical health, friends.
It's not an option for me to believe the image you place on me is true. I'm sorry. I know you are trying to do a good thing, but you are completely wrong in this accord. I am not a malicious person. Nor are my actions or the results of my actions.
Don't come around here anymore. We don't like people like you. Those are your words. You are trying to keep a person from food and shelter. Access to school and healthcare. Participation in government and the marketplace. And I'm the monster. You so easily label another human as less than. Shame