After a recent confrontation I had with an uppity homeowner (that's right —- I'm not a passive Portlander, I'll call people out), I feel it's important to remind anyone out there the rules of neighborhood parking before they write a passive note to stick under a windshield wiper.

If you're in a neighborhood that's within city limits, anyone can legally park in front of your house. That is, as long as there are no "No Parking" signs, they are fifteen feet from a fire hydrant, and not blocking the entrance to your driveway (if you have one). Additionally, a vehicle is only considered "abandoned" if it remains parked and unmoved for over 24 hours, so hoo, someone parked by your house. But unless it's violating any of the criteria mentioned, it's LEGAL to park there. (I'm not including commuters in this —-just visitors and people who live in the area.)
You don't own the street in front of your house, therefore you need to stop acting like a passive aggressive asshole when people DO park there.

And to the person who took a picture of their neighbor's (normal sized) work truck and emailed the company, stating the employee needs more manners/respect when parking said vehicle: eat a fucking dick. You are worse than the cry babies who leave notes for vehicle owners when they've broken no law or ordinance. Get off your high horse and just fucking deal with it. Brush up on parking codes, or better yet....just shut the fuck up all together.