In retrospect, I probably said something I shouldn't have. If a panhandler wants to lie about being a veteran, and the person donating wants to believe that lie and feel good about donating, is anyone really getting hurt?? If not, is it my business to call them out?
Well, I wasn't thinking that way earlier and call him out I did. But you thought I was racist, just because you assumed I'm "white". You followed me to defend a liar you didn't even know, and soon your girl was the one raining a racist flood on me. It could have got really really ugly for all of us, and why?? You men shook hands, but us women didn't. Yes, women, not dogs. I'm sorry I agreed with your assessment of yourself, it was rude and meant to offend. I'm sorry I called you a punk (and worse).
I want to take it back. I want to shake your hand.
We're all in this together.
Thank you for stopping it before it got to a point of no return.
Let's stop assuming others are racist based on appearances. Let's stop pretending that we're different from each other because of how we look.
Let's just love each other, please??