To the shining examples of manhood sitting in the lounge May 22 at the Crystal, watching the BJM video feed: Not sure why you two were so smarmy and miserable, but next time you're in the mood to ruin someone else's night because the clean needle exchange is just plumb out, try being kind to strangers instead of mumbling weird mocking remarks behind the back of a woman you don’t know when she is talking to someone. She was in a great mood and didn’t notice what was going on so I never told her what you two were doing. I figured why ruin her night for the satisfaction of calling out two smarmy bozos who apparently never got the memo on how to act around women. If you had both stopped acting like such creeps you might have realized she and I initially had tried to be friendly to both of you. We almost made the mistake of thinking you were fellow music fans instead of what you were, irrefutable examples of why mandatory imprisonment is needed for anyone still rockin' the same flannel they wore back when they smelled like teen spirit. However, I am so grateful that you didn't even acknowledge our attempt to be friendly as I'm sure we both would have not wound having the great time we had once you two left. In conclusion, please stick to interacting with the women inside your VR headsets, they'll always be there for you in ways no real women can.