Buses in this city are tough to get around in the morning, so trust me when I say that I feel your pain. However, there’s an unspoken rule among Oregonians that when the bus is taking up the right lane, we all casually shift to the left and line up. It’s a bit annoying, but it’s civil.
So when you decided to rush up the right lane to try and get past the patient left-laners, only to discover the bus was blocking your exit, you broke the rule. I didn’t let you in, even as you honked loudly and flipped a line of people off (including a cop who now has your license plate number). I didn’t care when you continued to honk loudly at me and act like a privileged, petulant child. I also was smart enough to take a photo of your car and immediately send it to traffic enforcement.
Just because you’re late, driving erratically and think the world must bend to your every whim - even when you make an obnoxious error in judgment - don’t expect me to bend with it. Unlike you, I follow those little unspoken rules to help make the world a simpler place.