Today, June 7, 2018 over 4000 customers that are elderly or disabled may be out of their rides. Normally, I'm very grateful for the service I receive but today is different. Something is going on with TriMet Lift and Broadway cab in Oregon's, Portland metro area.

At first, I was told by the popular cab company my ride hadn't been activated yet and they'll be here asap. I thought wonderful, I'm late but I can make it. Now, over 4 hours in, I'm still sitting listening out my window for a car.

What is going on today that passengers can't be told the truth about their transportation they rely on?
A Trimet dispatcher said vaguely, "Something is going on today and tomorrow. I don't know what "it" is but you can expect rides to look like today's. Don't expect to be on time either day." Is it an impending strike? Nobody at Trimet Lift is talking directly. What do "we" the passengers do that have challenges riding city wide transportation? What are people who have life sustaining appointments supposed to do?
I myself have finals that I'm literally missing and an eye appt. that was set up a month ago.

Way to go First Transit! Thanks for throwing your Trimet Lift drivers under the bus. You've potentially been responsible for: failing grades (that affect the future of the disabled), creating unemployment for the disabled, lost wages, homelessness, and compromised the medical fragility of your passengers (my residual eyesight included). For what? All because First Transit showed no respect to Lift drivers?

Good luck with your contract negotiations I hope you get the respect you need. Next time, show "us" a little respect too (considering we're your livelihood) and let the passengers know. Thanks.