Impeachment sends the wrong message;
It implies a fair and honest election.

Decertify the Election!

If the November 2016 Presidential Election was to be declared In-validated because of too much interference and irregularities from foreign nations, by the US Supreme Court. Brought forth by We the People, No Party sponsors needed and immediate action can be taken to the streets.

Who would be The President of United States America if… the 2016 election where declared void, by The US Supreme Court?

1. Would the former President Obama come back to office and finish out the remainder of the 4-year term? We have had presidential terms longer than two terms. We have a fully trained and competent former US President that would be able to right the ship again, normalization again and he is up to speed. Would it null and void the “Presidential acts he has preformed” when the election is in-validated?


2. Is it the Supreme Court that would decide that through no one fault of anyone, yet a large enough amount of problems did take place to recall and void the election? Would that then revert to the former governing body? This has been done with other elections worldwide. We do not have to just put up with being screwed over. We did not have fair and honest election this time. We don’t want the same kind of election because, we know it wasn’t right. Therefore we do not have to go along with its’ results of a dishonest election we are not stuck, we are Americans. That is why we have three legs of government, the court system can handle dishonest elections, and should do so.