My Question is….
Who would be President of the United States of America. When the 2016 election is declared void, by the court?

We can have a do over and that would really keep people from getting into our elections in the future.

President Obama and Vice President Hillary Clinton;
This would more than set things right. President Obama can straighten out the mess including the shortage of diplomats worldwide, and he will add stability, and clarity. Clinton deserved a fair and honest election, and did not receive one, the Russian government would be very unhappy and this would work as a future deterrent. Secretary Clinton would easily be up to speed as Vice President. I think this would be a great way to deal with the issue at hand. The Congress still being Republican, creating balance.

How do we go about having the November 2016 Presidential election voided by the US Supreme Court, now that we have enough information showings fair and honest dealings did not take place, interference from foreign countries, agents, fake information, facebook accounts, lies, and crazies. Elected leaders in both parties have talked about making sure that we never have another election like this one. Why because they know that it was not fair or honest.
Decertify the Election!

We the people can do that with out the Republican or Democratic Parties’ approval. We can use the third branch of government. We need to take to the streets, for our best interest, that of the world, our children, the health of democracy and because it works. Democracy is not fragile, and we have plenty of institutions in place to give us room to work on solution for the problems at hand. Make the US Supreme Court throw out the 2016 US Presidential Election Results!