I was getting ready to start my shift at the Italian restaurant to which I am a line cook. With great pride I can honestly say that I enjoy working at my restaurant, the kitchen is big, The menu is not too complicated. We are constantly having birthday parties, or pre-wedding parties, or company thank-you parties, but anyway back to the subject, as soon as I realized that I had no more cannabis to smoke before I started my shift I instantly said to myself this was no big deal. I will manage and just get through the day as best as I can, after all there was no use in complaining or getting upset because nobody would listen or give a shit, I just figured at the very least I wouldn't be the cheerful, funny guy people know me as. Then it happened as soon as the dinner rush entered the restaurant. I stopped seeing the smiles in peoples faces, they had all turned to smirks. I had somehow entered the twilight zone. I swear I was waiting for Satan to walk through the door and just start laughing while I cried silent tears. It was one of the worse nights of my being. Why are people treating me like I just started last week?, why is this server trying to get an attitude because her food isn't out in three minutes, when she just fired the ticket 2 minutes ago? Why doesn't God love me?
I ask all of you now to find beauty in every day things, find hope in the hopeless, find passion in a grain of rice, find love in the twilit sky, and then try it under the influence of cannabis. Quitters never win. RIP A.B.