Hit n FUN



"I'm a gun owner and would have literally killed you."

Over some bullshit road rage. Holy shit dude. Realize what you're fucking saying, you stupid fucking reddit ammosexual edgelord manchild.

This is exactly why I'm excited for the gun confiscation ballot measure. Fuck you for thinking you have the right to take life so easily.


How about this - fuck you psycho!


Yeah, attempted pepper spray does not justify murder.


You are psychotic and definitely should not have possession of a gun.


See? Who told this Yahoo that he -- c'mon -- you know it -- is not qualified to kill people? Oh, the NRA, that's who. I liked the gun culture in which I was raised: weapons stored carefully, cleaned and unloaded; expectations of standard gun safety practices; the equation of weapon brandishing with murderous intent that should be immediately defeated. But now, men expect to buy their manhood at the gun show. My dad and his friends are all gone and they took righteous gun stewardship to their graves with them. Pity.


road rage is for pussies.