people bringing animals into your stores and claiming they are service animals IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! The ADA gives BUSINESSES the tools to determine whether an animal is a service animal or a pet. Under the ADA, a business can ask 1) “Is that a service animal?” And 2) What service does it provide?” when reasonable answers are not given, YOU CAN deny entry. when an animal starts PROVING it is not a service animal by attacking other animals, barking repeatedly, urinating on the floor, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have the offending animal removed. If you dont want to do YOUR JOB, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT!!!! I have Bi Polar Disorder and PTSD. I have a letter from my psychiatrist stating my dog is a service animal. Asking me to pick up my service animal and carry it is OFFENSIVE!! You wouldnt ask a blind person to pick up and carry their seeing eye dog,, so stop doing it to me just because you cant SEE any OBVIOUS disabilities!!! THEY ARE THERE!! this whole thing is ON YOUR SHOULDERS! YOU are the ones letting people bring in animals that are NOT service animal. LEARN THE LAWS!!! Service animals DO NOT need identification, documentation, certifications, jackes. STOP ASKING FOR THEM!!! You are DISCRIMINATING AGAINST DISABLED PEOPLE! Do you not understand how MESSED UP that is???? LEARN THE LAWS LIKE I HAVE TO!