I feel for you. I am disabled (though I do not have a service animal). You are, however, mistaken about what you know about the ADA. People are not allowed to question people about their disability or their service animals. And under the current federal government administration, they are gutting the ADA and making it so that is the burden of the disabled to educate businesses about violations they are making to the ADA (which means we as disabled people have to read and know every single in and out of the law) and ask the politely, in writing, to remedy their violations. Then we have to wait six months for them to respond and all they have to say is "they're working on it" with no proof whatsoever.

One prevalent violation of the ADA Portland businesses do every single day is refusing the disabled use of their bathrooms. If you are a business and you serve the public and you have a restroom, you are required by federal law to allow a disabled person who needs to do so to use that restroom, without requiring them to buy something. As someone whose disability involves bladder and bowel urgency, let me tell you, trying to get this through people's heads before you have an accident on their floor is at best infuriating and at worst humiliating.


People like me (with disabilities) screaming about their animals always make me feel sad for them because clearly the dog isn't fucking helping if you're this fucking distraught over something so trivial.

Also, Oregon needs to adopt licenses for REAL service animals because too many people abuse the system and pretend their comfort dogs (like in this case) are Service Animals.