Portlanders. I love ya, but man, y'all GOTTA stop being so "nice" on the streets. It's exhausting.

Every time you stop where there isn't a stop sign to "let" someone cross, every time you reach the stop sign first but wave the other person through, every time you give up the right-of-way that's clearly yours, you're forcing that person into an interaction they don't want. You're taking a simple set of rules, tossing them out the window, and making every street crossing into a negotiation. And since I have to stop and figure out what on earth you're doing, and then make sure you're not gonna clobber me with your car, you've actually slowed me down more than if you'd just gone ahead in the first place. Nice job, nicehole.

I don't want a negotiation every time I reach an intersection. I just want to get where I'm going, quickly and efficiently, without having to interact with every single stranger I come across.

Maybe that sounds so mean and awful, but when you stop and are like, oh no, you go first, when it's YOUR DAMN TURN TO GO, you're demanding energy and attention that I don't need to spare for you. Multiply this by the 20 or 30 or 100 intersections you might go through in a typical trip, and it gets real aggravating, real fast.

All this, plus when there's an actual stop sign and you're actually supposed to actually stop? Y'all just roll right through that thing. Can't tell you how many times I've nearly been KO'd by some moron who came flying up to the intersection and only saw me at the last second.

Knock it off. Take your right of way. Yield to my right of way. No more no less. K? Thanks.