Anonymous Jun 13, 2018 at 12:07 pm



THANK YOU. The simple set of traffic rules that are pretty much the same throughout the United States cease to be effective in Portland because everyone is TOO DAMN NICE. The road to hell IS paved with good intentions.


In Oregon (Oregon Revised Statute 801.220), every intersection is a crosswalk. You need to remove that particular straw from the camel's back.


Thumbs up!


"Every time you stop where there isn't a stop sign to "let" someone cross" - You mean those legally required stops cars do to let pedestrians cross because pedestrians have the right of way (something the OP loves) at all marks and unmarked crosswalks???? I feel I can tell the OP is one of those people who stands at the corner like they're ready to step into the road whether they're crossing or not.

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