Today I pulled over to answer a text, so I was sitting on the curb next to my car doing so. A young woman on a skateboard was going by, and she stopped and asked if I was ok. “Are you ok?” I said “yeah”, and was a little confused by her asking. She asked again, “You good?”. I said “Yeah, why...?” She didn’t linger to discuss more once I said I was fine. I thought at first it was weird, like, why would you ask me that? Don’t I look ok? Then as she rode away I realized that from her angle when she paused she could see me sitting there but probably couldn’t see the phone in my hand that I was texting on. I thought it was so nice that this random stranger took a second to pause and make sure I was ok, as she probably just saw a person on the curb and wanted to check. I love that she cared enough to do so. I love Portland people, and this act of kindness, even though I was fine. I wanted to thank her for that, but she skated on by before I could.