Think Out Loud yesterday afternoon had a great interview with a holocaust survivor, whose father was sent to a concentration camp and came back unrecognizable, beaten, bloody. He was only able to come back at all because their family had friends that could facilitate this. The Nazis had the (false) idea that Jews were all wealthy and at first, the camps were a way of collecting ransoms, before evolving into wholesale torture, slavery and murder machines.

Later in the day, on All Things Considered, I heard a reporter interview a Texas democratic rep that was one of the few allowed inside one of the camps where children are being held in Trump’s cruel purgatory after being separated from their families. The very act of separation is undoubtedly cruel and inhumane, and this in no way minimizes their suffering, but the conditions she described included air conditioning, mess halls, staffs of doctors, counselors and other professionals. Again, that this is even existing right now is fucking terrible, and the part she was allowed to see might not represent the whole picture. BUT…

"The internet" keeps comparing these conditions to concentration camps. Before you do that, can you take even one minute to check out what happened at Nazi concentration camps? Are these kids being experimented on and gassed? Are they watching their parents and siblings be murdered for fun? Are they being starved or worked to death? Do you not realize this absurd comparison greatly disrespects those who actually died in these conditions?

This morning, elf Sessions was asked about comparisons to concentration camps and Nazis, and he correctly stated this is an exaggeration. Can we not set the bar that low please?

I mean shit, what are we gonna say if these fuckers actually start killing people?