Hello there, the person who gets impatient behind me when lines at the bank are long. Let’s discuss our similarities and differences. We’re both bummed out at the wait time, I’ll give you that. Also, we both understand that banks are evil. However! Do you know who else knows that? Your fucking bank teller! They know they’re working for Satan just as much as you know you’re contributing to Satan when you deposit money. So stop it with your subtle sighing noises when you’re frustrated in line. A sigh is just a breath noise. You could also use your breath to meditate or some other breathy shit. Your sigh sounds like it’s saying “please hire and train someone right now so this line will go faster.” Do the world a favor and realize that the people who facilitate the long lines you’re in want you out just as much as you want out. Don’t waste your breath. You’re not that important. Bank on that