I'm a middle-aged white male, so everyone needs to listen to me: The sounds of these brown Alien children warms my heart. I love hearing them cry, I love knowing they're in pain, and I relish in their torment. Oh sure, I've protested at countless abortion clinics while holding a signs that say, "All Children Are Precious" and "God's Children Deserve Life," yet when it comes to brown Alien children in pain, my first thought is "Meh."

I vote for the right-wing candidate who oppose abortion, yet I'll use the sounds of these brown Alien children crying as my ringtone. I vote for the candidate who will use the law to FORCE women who are raped to carry a pregnancy to term, because, you know, the children and stuff. Yet, I play these audio recordings of brown Alien children crying while I fall gently to sleep.

Some might say my viewpoints are contradictory, but I just call them good ol' anglo-American right-wing values.

Now I'm off to defend some Nazis as very fine people, and to give credit to Trump for things he had absolutely no hand in creating... like the positive economy and African-American low unemployment rate. MAGA!