Hope all the non tippers choke on it.



I agree you have a hard job. Thats why I am always nice to you. I tip, between 10 and 18%. No more. Don't like it? Get a better job. Do a poor job, don't expect too much. But I will still be nice to you.


People are lazy and cheap. If you are too lazy to get your own food and expect someone to bring it to you, pay for it and that includes a tip for the person who got in their vehicle and drove the food to your lazy ass. What the fuck is wrong with people? Oh yeah, right. You're fucking lazy and cheap. Non-tippers should be flagged and refused delivery.


These new online delivery services are part of the tech industry. The real cheapskates are your tech overlords who fail to pay sufficient wages. They get away with it by calling you "independent contractors" instead of employees and pitting you against the customers. I wouldn't be surprised if Anonymous is in fact a marketing exec pretending to be a delivery driver.


JD, asking for a tip is taboo and could get the person fired, that's why you have so many of these on IA. Not knowing this makes you an uncultured and ignorant "douche".

On the other hand, CR, maintaining integrity of service regardless of tip is the hallmark of a good server. We do this with a smile because we know the vast majority of people who enjoy food service know how to tip and often over tip which makes up for the sad sacks who are too lazy to prepare their own food and too cheap to throw down a couple of extra bucks for good service. They may not get top priority but they certainly shouldn't be flagged and refused service.

As for delivery drivers who expect 18%, no. That is for actual servers who answer detailed questions about the menu, describe, deliver and maintain drinks throughout the meal, bring the food and check back to correct any errors, clear dishes, offer dessert and make sure everything is to your satisfaction before presenting the check and processing your payment. We do all this while smiling at screaming babies, grumpy customers and stressed out kitchen staff. We also tip out to bar, kitchen, host/hostess and delivery people, and pay taxes based on our sales whether we are tipped or not, I so really we need 20% to have a decent shift.

Food runners and delivery drivers generally get 10% which is not bad considering you didn't have to take the order and you don't have to wipe the customers ass for them. As for even suggesting that you would mishandle someone's food or the knowledge of their home address, that is despicable and I hope you get fired very soon. "Tip me or else" is for paper boys, not food service professionals.


I tip because I've worked in the restaurant business and understand the whole argument.... Yet that was over 15 years ago. Now a days, too many expect a tip for just standing there being a hipster douchebag. Tips are given for a reason. The worst is when you order food and pay for it before it's made (food trucks for example). Those fucktards with iPads asking for huge percentage tips for what!!?!?!?! Food trucks, you don't buss my table or take my order while I'm chilling. I'm waiting in your fucking long ass line while you socialize......I think I have a new post coming soon....


The bitterness from poor life decisions is palpable on this post.


He likes it when I choke on it. ;-}


overit if you made such great life choices you wouldn't revel in sadism and treat service industry people like dogshit. You are going to die alone.