Did you know that the word "Vespa" means wasp in Italian? I bet you didn't. A lot of people don't know this so I won't hold it against you. However what I'd like to hold against you are my hands around you neck - for stealing MY VESPA over this past weekend, You FUCKING DOUCHEBAG(bags)! What you also couldn't have known, you ass, was that I was the original owner of that vintage large frame since 1990 and have lovingly kept it running sometimes perfectly and sometimes not for all those years. It wasn't the prettiest ride on the planet but IT WAS MINE you twat. Guess what else... I was keeping it alive with the hope of giving to my daughter who is currently 9 years old and FINALLY grew enough to reach the footpegs so she could ride with me around town and to her school. Got her first helmet last Christmas in fact. Thanks for taking that away from us you thoughtless fuck. Well, you've probably already realized by now - IT DOESN'T RUN!! HAHAHA!! I had it parked at that NW elementary school parking lot 'cause it quit on me and wouldn't restart. Me? I'm used to that from time to time. You? Well... fuck you, and I hope you NEVER get it to run.