When I went to the coast to see the fireworks displays, I expected to see a lot of families. But what I did not expect was the sheer amount of parental physical abuse I witnessed in one day. A father slapping a toddler for being afraid of sparks from fireworks. A mother screaming a the top of her lungs into a baby carriage telling a baby to shut the fuck up. Watching 5 year olds light illegal mortars and not getting away fast enough, only to have burned fingers dismissed by inattentive parents. More toddlers laying inches away from massive fire pits.
I don't care if you have a Mercedes, a fancy af beach spread and set up- you're still trash. Here's a novel concept: don't bring small children to day long events where there's fire and things that go boom. Or maybe just don't breed because the world doesn't need anymore assholes like you. Bottom line, don't hit your fucking kids.