Fuck your % tip on the iPad



Yup. As a veteran of the service industry I am a common defender of tipping, but single task point of sale transactions don't merit the same level of gratuity as for someone who crafts an entire dining experience from start to finish. If I have to pay in advance, carry my own food, tend my own drinks and bus my own table, you're not getting 20%, more like ten. This goes for delivery drivers too. Are you coming back to check my order, make sure I'm happy or offer me another beverage? Maybe clean my table, do my dishes and take out the trash? Yeah that's what I thought. You're on your way to your next easy tip.

Don't get me wrong I'll always throw down at least a couple bucks no matter what, especially if the food is good and you are friendly. But don't get snarky. Full service takes a lot more time and finesse than just handing someone their food.