Ok you freaks, let's get something straight you aren't rehoming your cat, you're selling your cat. That isn't subjective, it's 100% objective. You at some point thought, "hey! Let's get a another cat." Or perhaps, "I think we should get a cat." But, hey! Now you're "re-homing" it, because you don't have the time for the love it needs, our other cat really needs to be the only cat, or you just didn't anticipate the work necessary for owning a cat, yes owning. You own it, and you're selling it. Anyway, now you're posting an ad for your perfect cat, describing its personality, and giving me the rundown how you really love this cat, and how amazing they are, but you just can't take on the responsibility you took to care for it. So you're "re-homing" it for a small fee, we only want $50 bucks, to be sure it's going to a good home, "you understand!"

You want to interview me? No.

You want money? No.

You want to come look in my house to be sure it's a good fit? No.

You aren't doing me a favor, you're selling me an animal. You're exchanging cuddle adorable property. No, you don't get to check me out, or judge my fitness by how much I'll buy your cat for.