You Are Boring



People who use the term "newsflash!" are boring.


You are Jealous and Petty.


Privilege? No, just your own sad resentment.


Somehow I envision you sitting on the patio of your favorite bar with a tall boy and bottom shelf whiskey talking shit with a friend - "man these fools I work with talking about buying cars and shit, who the fuck has time to go on vacation? Like, seriously, fuck Hawaii dude, I'll just sit my ass in Portland, good enough for me." Yeah, you'll ramble like that for an hour, because it's totally fun and not boring discussion at all.

FWIW, I don't like people who gloat either, I just think you're resentful and think all people are bad if they spend money on things you wouldn't.


There are these amazing things called headphones...


...and if those don't work, earplugs.


If your coworkers' salaries provide housing and indulgences that yours does not, I recommend speaking to your manager about a raise, or managing your money better.


Yikes! Some tough love here partner... I happen to agree with it. Bought those headphones yet?


So bitter. Newsflash, no one cares you are unable to live the life you want because you choose to be annoyed by others bruh. We just make laugh at you for being so lazy.


A valid rant. I too am sickened by people who have to gab incessantly about their lives in order to feel valid and to keep from sinking into the horror that is their internal thoughts. However it is also true that you must learn to block it out or you too will be sucked into their world. Headphones are good, weed is better 😎




Okay, we'll cross off the list "works well with others" then ...