The thing about the chef that killed himself upsets me. A bunch of people sad that a person, who lived way more vividly and comfortable than most of us ever will, is gone.
It bothers me because I feel like most of them have real friends who could use their help and they're posting all the suicide hotline numbers and shouting on social media about how to seek help. They're making all this noise about help your friends and mental health should be taken seriously, but I think their ignoring their real friends. Its just words.
When I had my episodes, I drove many of my friends away because I was just too much for them to handle. They pointed me towards services and hotlines, but it felt more like them just telling me to leave them alone.
I hope some day I can be a better friend if necessary. We can at least call the hotline together. Go seek social services together. You are MY friend. That hotline person means well, but you mean the world to me. Your problems are my problems. Fuck the hotline. Call me