Job Search Hell



Yeah, it sucks. "Job culture" culture needs to fucking die.

Best of luck on your search.


I feel your pain. Sounds like every single job search I've ever had in my life (I believe there were at least 8, before that it was just "fill out this application and we'll either hire you or we won't"). Sadly, job culture, corporate culture, work 'til you die, join our cult and fit in or die, capitalist culture is not going to change anytime soon. Change your perspective, think of it as a personality test or a philosophy test or whatever gets you through it. No one with a soul has answers to these inane questions. The answer to every single one is I WANT TO BE ABLE TO PAY MY BILLS AND LIVE MY LIFE. The people interviewing you don't actually want your answers to these questions. They want to know if you know about their company, what their culture is like, and most importantly (the only thing that matters, honestly, and I'll never get over it - but I know it to be true, since I've been fired from numerous jobs where I did a shit ton of work) DO YOU FIT IN AND WILL THEY LIKE WORKING WITH YOU?

The only thing worse than the hell you are stuck in right now is not being able to work. I haven't been able to work on what will soon be 11 years. I'd give anything to be well and have to wake up and go out tomorrow and answer stupid and unimaginative questions over and over and over, trying to get a job. I'd love to be able to live where I want to live, be able to drive a car again, be able to walk without braces, a walker, or having to use a wheelchair, to not have more doctors in my contacts than family and friends, to not have to take medications 4X a day, to not be in constant pain, to not have to be dependent on someone else to do the simplest tasks of daily living, and to not be facing a progression of disability and ultimately a death that would make most people put a bullet in their head.

Everything is relative and everything can be viewed through the lens of "this is shitty." And then there's a whole different level of shitty and scary.

I hope you find a place where you want to work and they like you enough in the interview to hire you so that you can get off the interview wheel. You're not alone - for the most part everyone has to do it. Good luck.




I wouldn't hire. you. you"re a jerk. stop thinking someone owes you a job.


Considering this is Portland and you're saying you've had not job for over a year I'm going to assume you're one of those hs drop-outs who worked in tech for a week when no one lived in portland and now are trying to get jobs


In all honesty, you like someone who doesn't have much to offer but wants a job. I imagine you also want cheap rent and a place to park your car so you don't always have to circle the block for a space... Look - I'm going to tell you what all the companies are thinking... how disciplined is this guy. Will he learn, or just go through the motions... Ask yourself the tough questions. You might not like the answers but it's the first step in getting a job.