Vengeance Will Be Mine



Ya know. A bicyclist threw a rock through my rear window last year. It was because as I was driving they rode up to me and grabbed onto my door (window was down) so they could ride along. I told them to let go of my truck. They told me to fuck off. So I sped up until they let go. Up the street I pulled over, and the fucker hurled a rock through my window.

Was I in the wrong for speeding up, yeah probably, but he was also in the wrong for first grabbing my truck and then refusing to let go. Moral of the story, don't try to compete with shit you can't handle. If that was you last year, you suck. Otherwise, don't be surprised if someone like me gets a rock and chooses to run you down.


The Transplants from 2010 to 2017, have all bought their bad driving habits with them.
I have never seen so many idiots running red lights,




I'd say hurling large rocks in traffic is by far the most dangerous behavior you mentioned here, to say nothing of being a wildly disproportionate response. Suck it up bitchflake, bad drivers are everywhere.


@Kevin Jones.

I was called out for running a red light not long ago. I took a left on a red on a one way. I think another issue is that a lot of Portland drivers who haven't had to test or retest in the recent years don't realize that is now legal. I'll also, add, right on red unless posted otherwise is legal too. I can't stand people who sit there waiting for a green when no cars are coming - just fucking go! not sure if those are the cases you're talking about, just had to add that.


Vengeance, maybe. Arrest warrant? Defintiely.


as a long time resident of chicago, not to mention boston and new york city, i can assure you that portland drivers are paragons of decency and consideration compared to drivers elsewhere. yes, it's true. as for the rock idea, don't try that weak shit in chicago. the driver you peg it at may have a gun.


☝️Oh look! An internet tough guy! “I’m from gnarly places and I’ve seen gnarly stuff””don’t ever go doing that in my old town, we are all tough”. Blah blah blah. Wow.

Who the hell would go to Chicago anyway you moron?


reading comprehension is hard, isn't it vermont? rty reading the above again and see if a second reading helps.


What is with people and their “don’t try that shit where I come from” comments? Are you seeking commenter cred?


@Badluckpalms So your response to someone grabbing your truck is to then...hope to cause them bodily harm? I just don't understand the thinking there. Why not just gradually come to a stop, (yes right in the middle of the damn road, drivers behind you would understand) something that would get them to let go just as fast (if not faster!)? I just don't get why people think inflicting harm on other people is acceptable. He could not hurt you or your truck, and yet you could have gotten him killed by your response. You are just as immature, if not more so, than the cyclist who hitched an illegal ride. Believe you me, I LOVE violence. I would love to mete out a can at least 2x a day, but since transplanting here from a large aggressive East Coast city, I am changing my ways (We're all works in progress). There is always a better path than the one that leads to someone hurt. Let's all do our best to start walking (or cycling) on that path everyday. Or we can embrace the alternative and keep acting like brainless baboons at every perceived infraction.


@Mastershake. I already said I probably did the wrong thing. I acknowledge that. You can save the lecture though. I don't care where you're from, I've lived in enough places and dealt with enough people to handle myself and be responsible for my own actions. And for what it's worth, the dude was a tweaker and I was on burnside and got up to 30 in traffic tops. I can ride my bike in traffic at those speeds no issue. I've had a homeless guy attack me in my vehicle before, and on a second occasion had one attempt to force his way into the passenger window with my wife sitting there. I don't fuck around with these people anymore. I'm not down on transplants - I was one in New Orleans, in Oakland, and in Seattle. But honestly, you can take your half-baked holier than thou perspective back to the East Coast with you.