It's not going to happen. If you can go somewhere else, I would if I were you. Unfortunately I am disabled and unable to do so. Otherwise I would have been out the minute he was appointed fake president. Our government is a sham (let's face it, it has been for a long time and before that it was just slightly less of a sham - since the only "people" represented were white males - before it pretended to give other human beings rights and care about the health, happiness, welfare, and well-being of others).

We are truly fucked and the Republicans and wealthy elite have made it clear they are cashing in on as much as they can before it all comes crashing down around them. They are literally going to loot the country and run. My only question is where are they going to go?



CR I feel you. Shit is crazy. But don't forget that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it's universal. Millions of people who never even thought about midterm elections are waking up and realizing the very real danger of this presidency. Despite feeling very beat down I refuse to give up hope that there is some shred of democracy and humanity left in this country.