Anonymous Jul 28, 2018 at 3:31 pm



I moved to Seattle in 2002 and was subjected to WAY TOO MANY utilikilts. I even met the person who invented them. UGH. They are ugly!!! That being said, people will wear what people want to wear. I will also state that plenty of people from the PNW despise the utilikilt and wearing one does not make Portland weird. Guys in Seattle were wearing them long before anyone in Portland did.


what do people wear UNDER their utilikilts?


I like men in skirts. More man leg, please.


Men, just admit you want to wear skirts and dresses and fucking do it. If Justin and Kanye can, you can to! You do not need to hide behind some hyper-masculine justification where you appropriate another culture because you wanted a mom like Megan Fox. And I saw this, because unless you're on a fucking unicycle spitting fire, even YOU know you look like shit in the knock-off kilt.

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