Hey Red Head asshole who refuses to let people sit in the open seat next to you! Check your fucking privilege when taking public transit during rush hour. Every fucking day, you take the same bus, sit in the same seat, and prevent others from sitting in the open seat next to you. You don't look like you have mental problems and odor issues, anything that would cause someone not to sit down...... In fact, you became really angry at me when I asked, "may I have this seat." You looked at me...and with an angry ton as if I stole your pudding, you said "there's a seat up front.".... "Seats are for people not bags," I respond.... Then I noticed the blood boiling in your cromagnus forehead as if color pigments where bleeding from your hair into your brain....That was the first time I noticed you..... I've seen you 4 more times during my commute and each time you're in the same seat, preventing people from sitting next to you with your bag taking up the other seat..... I don't get it. In any other big city with public transit, you'd get slapped.... but here in Portland, nobody wants to confront anybody. I've actually watched you deny a child from sitting next to you... The Mom looked up in shock... Again, you don't look dangerous or have any mental disabilities, you're simple an entitled asshole who doesn't want to sit by anyone on the bus, yet refused to stand or find another means of transit..... Take your white trash back to Trump country. You don't belong here Red Headed Bogard Bus Rider.