I'm of a certain age — early 30s. So... about those Nazis...
Do any of you remember what we used to do with idiots like those Patriot Prayer people?
Nothing. WE IGNORED THEM, because they were borderline retards. They make up like .001% of the population, are only marginally dangerous, and—like you—are really at these things to force their misplaced aggression onto people whom they aren't even willing to listen to.

Don't waste your time with this stupid confrontation; Fighting fair is fighting stupid. You want permanent damage to your body just to prove a point to... NO ONE?!
As much as I appreciate the supposed readiness for violence now, if you're not willing to commit, it's just a jerk off. We all still go back to our jobs, post on Facebook and other social media... We're not protesting, we're just out for the weekend.

Honestly though, violence just might make this consumerist hell hole feel meaningful. Or at least interesting.
We're projecting our dissatisfaction with our own lives onto other people. Even the people that agree with us aren't listening. We're just repeating catch phrases at each other over and over again.

BTW, these thoughts don't come from a place of resentment. They come from an empathic yet exponentially maturing disgust for the human condition.

I've thought about starting up a venture selling pepper spray to protestors on either side. As an admittedly boring white guy, I don't think that anybody on either side would think I'm an interloper. And honestly, could you blame me?