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A decent rant but I hope you are not serious about selling weapons to these fools. Even the suggestion of it is dangerous and irresponsible.


The giveaway was in your conclusion: you're a moderate white man. It just doesn't matter to you because you'll be fine, regardless of any outcome. The US falls onto authoritarian, possibly Russian plutocracy? No problem for you -- you look like a Proud Boy. Keep your mouth shut, brush up your IT skillz, Mother might even assign a bride to you. USA style authoritanism, you might have to go to church, but the pretty ladiez there make excellent coffee. Libertarian-style anarchy? Might makes right -- at 30, you are not past your prime, just practice the chest shots-- or get real good as a day trader. Heck -- do both. Democracy -- even limited -- means you're still on top because they'll take back remorseful Trump voters in a heartbeat. No wonder it's all such a bore for you. I think that meeting Proud Boys with violence is not the best strategy, but resist in your own way.


FYI loves to attack the right to assemble, but cries like a baby about his precious second amendment.


The proof is in the pudding when it comes to Patriot Prayer and the counter protests. Go listen to what they're saying, and then join the counter-line and listen to what they're saying...this I/A isn't far off. You've got a bunch of Washingtonians, rural conservatives, and proud urbanites desperate for a voice, joining each other in the center of a place that is regarded as a pillar of liberalism. The point is to get a rise out of each other, other wise it would be no different than any other place in the country, where these people have town hall meetings and rallies but no one in Portland is the wiser and no in Portland even cares. The point is to get a response, and Antifa responds with the point that they'll never allow them to assemble without a response. It's all gunsmoke. If we let these people have a couple rallies with no response and minimal publicity they'd merely take their business elsewhere. It's boring to drive from your home town just to find parking downtown, to chant about politics in a different state, to have no one listen to you. Come on, this is shit we teach our teachers to handle first year in college, but all the pseudo-academic SJW's can't figure it out?


Thanks for representing the voice of reason, dear poster. Unlike some of the other idiots on here I’m aware you were joking about the pepper spray. It takes balls in this town to speak up and champion rational thinking. It’s why I refer to myself as a “flaming” moderate. And I’m a member of three different marginalized groups, for what that’s worth to Cassie Mae.


FYI pretty much.