Tourists. They will eventually decide Portland is the bomb, after hearing about it where they came from, then seeing it for themselves. It's just weird enough to be super rad and cool, but not so weird to be uncool. It's the "cool" kind of weird. Then they will move here.

Travelers. (Street kids, trainhoppers). Where they come from, I don't know. But they do. Just take a walk through the park blocks. Then look at all the trash left behind.

Every road construction, repaving, or new building project you can ever imagine takes place. There's some construction on every street corner all up and down Hawthorne all the way to Foster. There's new buildings and preservation projects of buildings all over downtown, all over this city. There's orange cones everywhere, rediverting traffic to the already disgusting mess of traffic in this city.

The heat. It's not global warming, is it? Wake up, people. Have a clue. We know, but no one does, and the ignorance and complacency continues with focus on an app, smart phone, new cool place to live and frequent, and learning how "to be chill."

Am I the only one seeing these things? Have no fear, it's a Portland summer making this city awesome and America great again.
Trash, people, cars and what do you think we get?