Who Is Worse?



Patriot Prayer. Are you serious? Only in Oregon are anti-fascists considered on the same level as white supremacist nut jobs. People who believe that their white skin makes them special flowers and they have some sort of right to lord over other people doing as they please (even murdering them like the bat shit insane due on the MAX did) are delusional, deranged, and dangerous animals. Patriots? Of what? Praying for what? I long for the day when either humanity is dead and gone and finally the world can be left in peace OR at the very least every white skinned feces bag with a penis are all dead and gone so the REST OF US can finally be left in peace.


Plenty of those patriot prayer wing nuts hide their faces. Bad argument. They are both the problem. Antifa is full of anarchists, who are just as nutty as fascists. It would be cool if we could put them all in a big stadium arena for a death match.


Sorry Christina, even if every "white skinned feces bag with a penis" were to vanish, someone as angry and hate-filled as you will never know peace.


misplaced aggression anyone? Antifa and patriot prayer serving it up nonstop. Probably makes them feel like they are “doing something”. Sadly the only thing they are doing is obfuscating the source of their own powerlessness. Cheers, IA.


Yeah, extremists on both sides. Antifa does seem to like to destroy property though.