Portland Cops



This post has "the ring of truth." Many people have an immature and unrealistic expectation about cops. A cop's job is very hard and they put up with abuse. Cops are put in impossible situations. They are the ones that arrest the child molesters and spouse beaters and drunken drivers.
Last weekend I was really worried we wold turn in Charlottsville, and Chief Outlaw & Mayor Wheeler deserve some credit for avoiding major bloodshed. The alt-right goons did not throw things at the cops- a rare smart tactical move from these morons. But the anarchists had to attack cop cars and throw concrete at police. The flash bangs were far more injurious than planned, and Portland should pay the medical bills of the people who were injured.
I ramble, but this poster makes important points. There are more good cops than bad cops. His or her partner will find a job in Gresham or Hillsboro and find that the job is much easier out there. That's one less cop in PDX who can help your handyman when his work truck & tools are stolen. We need to stop making cop's jobs shittier & make it easier for them to be good cops.


"A cop that never gives tickets."

How is this a good thing? If we actually had decent traffic enforcement in this town our streets would be so much safer.


They are only supposed to be there to maintain public safety, and I can't help but believe that their actions are colored by their own personal biases, political or otherwise. Most of them are getting paid good overtime wages to be there, getting to bust a few lefty heads is just an added bonus.


Yeah, sorry. Please give out DUI tickets. People die. Not cool.


Cops have a tough job. Potentially risking their lives, dealing with mentally ill people, dealing with domestic violence. I’m sure the last thing they want is to put on the riot gear and deal with yet another rally/protest/counter-protest. (Why does Portland have more of these than the national average?)


I am sorry we are losing a good policeman. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to have urine and feces thrown at me because I am there to keep people safe, AND be expected to maintain my composure. Our police are doing a stellar job at keeping things from escalating. Kudos to them.


Please ask your partner NOT TO QUIT. I'm begging you on bended knees.
We are in desperate need more compassionate Police Officers like your partner.