What a purposeless profession! I mean, we all know the stereotypes. "Wannabe cop," overweight, and better yet, sit at a desk all night as a career, read a book, and maybe take a walk around the premises in the middle of the night. Another example, to look important, get a paycheck, to do the least possible work with respect to providing security and safety. Some say the profession is changing. I look at the security guards I see, and I say, "oh, I know why that person is doing that job." Answer, because they want to do the least they can possible do for "work."
One day, I saw the security guard for the apt connected to the building that I work in because of a fire emergency stairwell. I have found people from their apt in our building, not really supposed to be there. They have had break ins and theft in the garage of their apt, so I just wanted to chat with him.
I got his attention, and his body motions already indicated he didn't care. He came up 6 flight of stairs, I know that's a pain in the ass. I exchange pleasantries, and who I was. Again, I could tell he was indifferent. I don't care to talk to people that don't care. So I asked him, "do you even want to hear what I have to say?" He said, "well, depends." I motioned "shoo away," and said, "nevermind."
Again, what a worthless profession!