The food becomes bland and tasteless. I often wonder why I put certain food in my mouth and down my stomach to satisfy my hunger. Sometimes, not a lot, I hope because I'm learning that it is an absolute waste to eat some food just to satisfy my hunger. Not only for how I feel, but why should I feel the need to scarf food down because I'm hungry that doesn't even taste good? What's the point of that? The point of anything for taste, hunger and thirst is for quality, isn't it?
I won't name the places because they are reputable, and when I eat at the restaurant, the food tastes good, at least better. For work, and because it is in large quantities for a large group of people, I guess all bets are off for any quality and standard.
I've had burritos with no taste basically rice and beans. I've had pizza that seemed to be without any tomato sauce. The best pizza is all about the sauce. Even Subway too, that's also because you can't the accoutrements you want. I've Thai food from a good restaurant where it tasted more like Chinese.
Then I wondered, why did I eat this?
I guess, when food is made in bulk, it gets made with little quality, and for the purpose of providing satisfaction for the mass general populace.
I just won't do it anymore. A peanut butter sandwich tastes better to me than eating catered food.