Wheeler and Outlaw: Allies of the Klan?



I believe a person has the right to free speech, and that includes shit we don’t want to hear or like. I despise the Proud Boys myself, but I’m not going to clamp down on their right to speak their minds. Just like I have to right to ignore your stupid drivel about equating our Mayor and Chief of Police like you did. But I also have the right to say, that you bringing in the concept of rape as purported free speech that somehow they support..you’re as maniacally stupid as a Kellyanne Comway’s alternative facts. Get a grip, glad you’re the valedictorian of Woke and your daughter shares the title with you. But honestly your post is light years away from reality. Rape and sexual assault is a crime and should be tested as such and every case investigated and the victims helped. Free speech isn’t a crime.


I see the Proud Boys have infiltrated IA now...


Cops favoring white supremacists and being much rougher on counter-protesters = equivalency.