You hooked up with someone for sex and you expected them to respect you? That’s a pipe dream. Yeah they pop their shot, and roll over. That’s how men are. You served his purpose. But yes, it’s exreemely shitty that he filmed you without consent. He found a chick with low self esteem and worth when it comes to his gender and he took advantage of that. The humiliation, some of them get off on it...some just don’t care. Truly sorry, better trick next time!


Blame the victim, relieve all men of responsibility for their actions, and then imply she's a hooker on the way out the door...way to keep it classy, TA.


Yeah totally not ok. Being "open" to being photographed is a lot different than actually saying yes. What's worse, is that this guy immediately got on Reddit. Not only is he an OkCreep, he's a Reddit creep. Hate to tell you OP, but there is a moderate chance those photos are online


haha. Women wants random hot sex with men but doesn't want to be a cum dumpster.... You obviously don't understand men.... Everyone wants to make it seem, men and women feel the same, share the same emotions... No they don't. You want to fuck a random dude, own up to the cum dumpster title or rename it so it doesn't offend you like..... compost bin


You too, GS...making the world safe for misogyny. Too bad we can't tattoo this comment on your chest as a warning.