Am I the only one grossed out, that on FB marketplace, there are hundreds of women selling their used cosmetics? Not only are you gross, but you’re disgusting for reselling your bacteria laden castoffs. Think about it. When you originally bought that tube of lipstick or that pot of eyeshadow, was it used to begin with? No it wasn’t, because the idea of it being used by people grossed you out. Did you buy that used eyeshadow tester from the display at Sephora ? No, because you thought of the hundreds of people daily, sticking their dirty fingers in it. Then why the hell are ya all reselling your nasty shit online, much less buying used makeup from strangers? Are you really willing to risk getting herpes from some strangers lipsticks, or a seriously nasty eye infection because you HAD to have that limited edition/sold out pallette from Urban Decay? Think about it. No amount of kale and probiotics will kill off MRSA, herpes, strep, HEP C, or fecal infections that you’re risking, doesn’t matter what the crossed eyed fop told you at Whole Foods’ Whole Body’s gross!