please stop calling yourself natives. I know why, I used to say the same when I was in my 20's growing up in SF with all the fucking transplants moving in (angry 20's is a thing today).... but now that I'm older and live outside of the place I grew up, I see how ridiculous it is for white people to call themselves native. Just say, "I grew up here." That's good enough. People use native to claim they're important and should be herd.... No white people. Nobody wants to listen to us talk about struggle. We really don't struggle in the eyes of minorities. Mom and Dad drink too much? Sad face..... Just finish school, get an education and keep grinding through until you've saved enough for a first time home.... 1st time home! not a fucking mansion with nice finishes... shit I lost my train of thought.... o yea. We've used up all of our privilege and the world is calling BS.