I'm 45 years old and every summer, without fail, I get to engage in unwanted conversation with some white person about the color of my skin. I'm Hispanic and I get pretty damn tan in the summer and every year there is inevitably some white co-worker or stranger who will comment on my tan:

"Wow! You're really dark."
"You get really tan in the summer!"
"Whoa, look how dark your skin is!"
And so on...

I usually reply with a "yeah," but for the love of all that is holy, I really want to say: "REALLY? I'm 45 fucking years old and fucking thank you for pointing out that I get fucking tan in the summer. I would have NEVER known without your FUCKING comment!"

But, that would not change anything. For next year will bring a new white face looking at me with awe and curiosity, like they're seeing some exotic animal for the first time.

Quit thinking you have the right to comment on the color of people's skin. Just stop being fucking insensitive pricks for once in your privileged lives, will ya? It'll make everyone's day a whole lot better.

That is all...