The More You Know...



You might want to check your statistics again. Members of the military and/or veterans commit suicide more than cops.


And your statistics on human trafficking are also wrong. Women do traffic other women, but they are not the majority when it comes to human traffickers (and women are not "trafficking themselves"). But hey, don't let any FACTS get in your way.

A recent UN report examined prosecutions and convictions for human traffickers by region for more than 60 countries, the most recent figures dating back to 2014 for many countries. Figures for the United States were not broken down by gender. However, overall figures for Canada, Mexico and South America were in line overall statistics. Convictions for men were slightly above 60 percent and those for women slightly below 40 percent. In Central America and the Caribbean, the numbers were nearly equal between the genders. In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, women made up 55 percent of convictions.


See, Anon, now you know more!

Thanks, Christina. Pushing back the darkness one I Anon at a time.


Yeah thanks CR for saving the rest of us the trouble of pointing out that IA is drunk on Fox punch.