Anonymous Aug 23, 2018 at 10:06 am



Yeah that makes you a criminal. The never tipper is an asshole, for sure, but you are a criminal who absolutely should be fired from your job. I hope your boss or a fellow co-worker or the non-tipper or SOMEONE recognizes who wrote this and reports you. And if you made it up to blow off some steam, then you're not a criminal, you're just an idiot.


Wow....The duchebaggery of not tipping really pales in comparison to the criminality of your actions.

I'm pretty sure the terms of service for this site are very clear about when exclusions to your anonymity exist. You should have read those!

You just admitted to the commission of an actual crime in a public forum.

I think I'll forward your confession around some multnomah county offices this afternoon, just to see what comes of it!



Why are these never about circumcision?

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